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We help you to start your own business and grow further!

We have worked with multiple business owners and understood the struggle to successfully run their business in the initial years. We founded Leteltech in 2019 to support business start-ups to have the leverage on the technology front to go the last mile and succeed in their venture

  • Our Mission

    ``To empower small and medium scale businesses to achieve operational excellence``

  • Our Vision

    ``Inspire business owners a be creative and think out of the box – to become future market leaders``

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Start your Own Business

in 4 simple steps and succeed in your venture!


Extensive Research

Start gathering as many ideas as possible and do a thorough research and shortlist your feasible ideas.


Business Plan

Pick the most feasible and draft a business plan which includes your financial planning as well!


Digitize you Idea

You can monetize your business ideas by bringing it in a digital format (E-commerce, crowd-sourcing, and custom-softwares)


Scale Higher!

Every business needs a marketing strategy. In this era, a well-planned Digital strategy is a must!

Our Applications

We are expertised in developing E-Commerce and Crowdsourcing Applications!

Once your Planning phase is completed, you need to develop a base to start earning. The best way is through a website/application where your prospective customers can easily access your products/services and get benefited. For a simpler product selling, our E-Commerce Platform will cover your needs. For a more complex crowdsourcing ideas like a E-learning platform, Classifeds portal, microjob portal, Freelancers marketplace and many other crowd-selling ideas, our Crowdsourcing Engine is well equipped to serve your needs.

Ease of Selling & Reporting88%
Marketing Integrations to grow higher95%
User-friendly & Customized Integrations100%
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