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We are experts in Business Start-up Consulting!

We have worked with multiple business owners and understood the struggle to successfully run their business in the initial years. We founded Leteltech in 2019 to encourage you to start your own business & to support the existing business start-ups to have the leverage on the technology front to go the last mile and succeed in their venture.

Guide to start your own Business 95%
Digital Transformation services 90%
Branding & Business Identity 90%
Business Growth Consultant 94%

Start your own business in 4 simple steps!



Brainstorm and do Extensive Research for your business

Start gathering as many ideas as possible and do a thorough research and shortlist your feasible ideas.

  • Brainstorm Ideas

    Either alone or as a group with the partners, start gathering business ideas without a double thought on how it works.

  • Feasibility Study

    Shortlist your best ideas based on key elements - future growth, market competition, passion areas, business ethics,..

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Create a detailed Business Plan for your business

Pick the most lucrative and the most feasible idea and draft a business plan which includes a detailed Market research, financial planning as well as the legal business structure and compliances.

  • Market Research

    Make a complete study on the target market which is of interest and do a SWOT and a competitor analysis to plan & stay ahead in your business

  • Financial Analysis

    Starting from the project budget, work on the income modes and prepare a detailed break-even analysis for your business

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Digitize your Idea to start earning

Based on the business plan, start working on digitizing your idea (developing an application / software for your chosen idea) to bring revenue to your business.

  • E-Commerce Platform

    For selling of products (either physical or digital), an E-Commerce platform or an E-commerce Marketplace would be ideal to get started with your business.

  • Crowdsourcing Platform

    For complex business models, where you act as a platform service (Example: E-Learning platform, Freelancer portal, Job portal, Buy/Sell marketplace, etc.,), a crowdsourcing platform would be suitable.

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Grow your business exponentially through digital Marketing

Every business needs a marketing strategy. In this era, a well-planned Digital strategy is a must!

  • Set-up Analytics

    Real data and tracking is of utmost importance and is a pre-requisite for starting any tool of digital marketing effectively.

  • Digital Marketing tools

    Get started with SEO as early as possible and along with it PPC, Social Media marketing, content marketing & E-mail Automation

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    Start your own business and scale higher - Our comprehensive service offerings!

    Get started with a free consulting for your business and we devise a comprehensive plan right from business idea generation to
    Business launch and marketing strategy to scale higher!
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    Start-up Business Support

    Convert your ideas to a profitable business! With the varied expertise and experience, we provide complete support for you to succeed! Follow these simple steps...


    Web Development

    The best way to monetize your idea! We carefully understand your requirements and curate a fully-customized site (E-Commerce, Crowd sourcing,..)


    Digital Marketing

    Having a Digital Strategy for your business is the key driver for success lately! We design an efficient strategy for you according to your business model...

    Start your own business with Our Applications!

    We have expertise in developing E-Commerce and Crowdsourcing Applications!

    Once your Planning phase is completed, you need to develop a base to start earning. The best way is through a website/application where your prospective customers can easily access your products/services and get benefited. For a simpler product selling, our E-Commerce Platform will cover your needs. For a more complex crowdsourcing ideas like a E-learning platform, Classifeds portal, microjob portal, Freelancers marketplace and many other crowd-selling ideas, our Crowdsourcing Engine is well equipped to serve your needs.

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    Marketing Integrations to grow higher95%
    User-friendly & Customized Integrations100%
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    Start your own business - Ask us your queries! We revert within a business day!

    Where can I get support on finding a business idea?

    We give you a lot of suggestions on the possible businesses to start and the business models which are profitable. All you need is to assess your capabilities and your passion/interest and decide on which type of business could be managed successfully by you in a longer run!

    How to start a business in India from abroad?

    Most of our clients are staying in different locations across the world and are running their business in India. All you need is a person whom you can nominate as a designated partner and a rented/own place for proof.

    How to start Digital Transformation of a business?

    Change in mindset of the leadership team in prioritizing customer experience improvement is the key to trigger transformation. Recording of Data and use of those real data to understand consumer behavior is the first step towards digitalization

    How to achieve digital transformation for your business?

    Although Data, Process and Technology signifies the Digital Transformation, Organizational change (Driving people for change) is the key factor which makes it possible and realize your digitalization dream.

    How to start Digital Marketing?

    As a first step and the most important pre-requisite before starting any of the digital marketing tools or services, you need to set-up analytics for your business and track real data to understand your business dynamics

    How to set your goals for Digital Marketing?

    Your goals can broadly come under the below 4 categories,
    1. Sell More - Setting revenue targets for each stream
    2. Customer Experience - Improving the customer engagement levels through blogs, contests, events, giveaways, etc..
    3. Cost reduction - One of your main goal to reduce your costs of customer service operations
    4. Add Value - Add value to your customers by providing the much needed service understanding customer behavior (Analytics)



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